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Hey Babes!


Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable sometimes. No, scratch that, a LOT of the time. That’s why I was searching for the perfect cold weather outfit a couple of days ago when it was suddenly a freezing 50 degrees outside, opposed to the 80-90 degrees it has been lately. Yes, Florida gets cold fronts, but this sudden change in weather just seemed random, I wasn’t expecting it at all. But, even when it’s pretty cold outside, it can still be very sunny, meaning the weather calls for coats AND sunglasses at the same time. I don’t mind it though, because my sunglasses are my security blanket, and they were a great accessory to the main focus of this post: a colorful faux fur jacket.

They didn’t announce it yet, but I’m pretty sure the Forever 21 RED store near me is going to be going out of business soon. Either that, or they are just having an amazing sale. When I walked in yesterday, there were several racks of clothing marked down to either five or nine dollars, front and center too, like where all the newest and showcased merchandise usually is. I know Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy recently, which helps my suspicions a little. Anyway, as soon as I walked in I saw it. The most unique fur jacket on the nine dollar rack.

I was drawn to it immediately, but unsure if I actually wanted to purchase it, so I took it with me as I browsed the rest of the store. Obviously, I did end up buying it, and I’m SO glad I did because it helped me create a pretty glamorous outfit for a cold Florida day.











The jacket itself stood out to me because not only is it fur, but it has colored diamond shaped patches that are a mix of light blue, dark blue, pastel pink, and white. I feel like this is such a unique color combo and the fur itself kind of reminds me of a cow. This statement piece definitely tops off the millennial pink crop and white boyfriend jeans I decided to wear with it. I admit, the wind was kind of cold against my stomach, especially because my shirt kept riding up, but the way I felt in this outfit was worth it. I felt like a celebrity, it was awesome.







This coat adds such a nice element to your look and it is a great way to vamp up any basic dress, tank top, or v-neck. Just be careful not to overdo it on things like patterns and graphics because it could look like too much is going on. For instance you probably wouldn’t want to wear a bright striped or polka dotted piece under this particular jacket, but a shirt with a tiny logo or saying would look great.

How do you feel about this coat? Unique or too much?

dress well, eat well, live well.



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