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So many of today’s current trends have people really excited, considering they are from the 90’s/early 2000’s and have a lot of millennials nostalgic. However, there’s one trend that came making it’s way back into 2019/2020 that people aren’t so excited about: low-rise jeans.

In the 90’s, wearing low-rise jeans with a crop top was such a look, but that all changed in the 2010’s when high waisted pieces became a major trend. A lot of people really like high waisted jeans because they seem to suck everything in, make your stomach look flatter and don’t usually give you muffin top. Even if you don’t naturally have a flat stomach, you could still rock a crop top paired with some high waisted pants.

Low-rise cuts, however, seem to have the opposite effect. Since they sit low on your hips, your stomach isn’t covered like it is with something that has a high waist, and therefore everything is exposed, which can be very uncomfortable if you’re not exactly fond of your midsection.

However, despite many people’s dislike for low-rise jeans, they are back now, and if the low-rise and crop top combo isn’t for you, keep reading for three ways to rock low-rise jeans without feeling exposed.



A Bodysuit

Bodysuits, especially black ones, tend to be sliming, so pairing one with some low-rise jeans is a great way to feel comfortable sporting them. This light pink bodysuit I have from Forever 21 looks great with my low-rise shorts which are also from Forever 21. If I were to wear a crop top with these, I would definitely feel like my midriff would be way too exposed. However, in a bodysuit, that area is covered and the outfit still feels light which makes it a great spring or summer look. If you add a mini backpack and some classic Adidas superstars, you get a more sporty feel. Because of the sneakers, this would be a great thing to wear on a day you have to do a lot of walking, such as taking a walk in the park or going to the mall or somewhere like Disney or Universal. Instead of workout clothes, I actually wore this outfit to the gym, and while I might’ve gotten a lot of strange looks, I was confident because I felt really cute in it. As you can see in the photos below, my stomach still spills over a little bit, but not as much as it would with a crop top, which makes a bodysuit a great option to wear with low-rise pants.








A Loose Top

Another way to not feel so exposed in low-rise jeans is by wearing a long loose top, like this pink floral off the shoulder one from Francesca’s. By wearing something like this, any muffin top or bloating you may have is covered and unnoticeable, and you won’t feel like everyone is staring at your midsection.









An Oversized Cardigan

The third way to rock low-rise jeans without wearing a crop top is by wearing an oversized cardigan. As I mentioned before, one of the big issues with the low-rise cut is that it can feel like your sides and stomach are spilling over, but with a long, loose, cardi, your sides will be covered and any excess skin you have, like love handles, won’t show. This long brown sweater-like cardigan from Target is super cozy, and it’s the perfect kind of thing to wear with something low rise. You can even tie it closed in the front so if you do feel like too much is showing, you can cover it easily.












How do you feel about low-rise jeans? Would you wear them with a crop top or one of these three options?


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