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Hey Babes!

The cool thing about fashion, is that it’s a great way to express yourself. Everyone’s personal style is a little different, but the way they put things together makes them who they are.

I’ve always been into fashion and wearing cute clothes, even in middle school when I had my cringey goth phase. Even though I may have grown out of the dark look, my love for shopping and putting outfits together is something that has always stuck with me. Although, it wasn’t until high school, about tenth grade specifically, that I found my true style.

Since I have changed so much since my high school days, I thought I would compare my high school style to my style today. The thing is, in high school I REFUSED to wear jeans, even on cold days I would wear a dress with tights and a jacket. I don’t know, I guess I just thought jeans were too casual to be wearing to school. How snobby of me. A typical silhouette from my high school wardrobe would be something like a skirt with a shirt tucked in (and possibly a belt around the waist), a cardigan, and necklace.


Back then, my style was pretty versatile, and it was a lot preppier than it is now. I would say that now, my style is still kind of versatile, but it is a lot edgier than before. And, I don’t even mind wearing pants! I’m still not the biggest fan of just plain skinnies or flares, but mom jeans, jeans that are super distressed, and patterned leggings have my heart. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is my gravitation towards bohemian vibes and aztec prints. I am still very much in love with the boho look, but I would wear it differently than I would of back then.

The picture below is me in my high school courtyard, wearing that typical silhouette I talked about earlier. The skirt was from Forever 21 I think, and you can’t really see it because of the notebook I’m holding, but it’s super cute from what you can see. I paired it with a teal v-neck from Tilly’s, a long gold necklace with pearls also from Forever 21, and of course, my signature red bag. Each year I had a giant bag that was a different color, and people always told me they could spot me easily because of my bright blonde hair, big colored bag, and coffee mug.

I used to love v-necks, I had them in multiple colors, and they went great with everything. Jean shorts? V-neck on top. Going to the beach? V-neck over bathing suit. This outfit is definitely on the preppier side, and I don’t think I would wear that exact fit now. If I had to wear that same skirt again, I would probably pair it with a crop top and a hat or headband.




The first photo below was taken on my college campus soon after I graduated high school. Like I mentioned before, I have always been into the boho thing, and I think this photo showcases that well. The red tank from PacSun was cool because it had an open back, which was great for the Florida heat. If I were to wear that now, I would probably tie the shirt in a knot and layer a bralette under it. As far as the skirt goes, I would probably pair that with my black over the knee boots I always write about on here.

This look may be boho, but it is still a little preppier than what I would wear now. The second picture is from 2019, and it shows how I would style a boho look now: patterned pants, a headband, and fringe cardigan. I actually did a whole post on that outfit, and you can read about it here.






Another thing that hasn’t changed about me, is my love for sunglasses. I have always loved sunglasses SO much, but back then my go-to style was aviators, where as now it’s the round type. In fact, I have my aviators in every photo from high school that I am writing about today, including this one, where I layered a green cardigan under a floral dress and put a belt around the waist. When I put this outfit together, I’m assuming my thought process was about how the green leaves on the dress match the green cardigan, and I think that it’s a safe assumption considering I still do the same thing years later. That is another thing that hasn’t changed about me, along with bohemian styles and sunglasses.


I think the photo above definetly shows the preppy side of me. Even early on in college I would lean toward brands like J-Crew and Vineyard Vines, which aren’t really up my ally anymore.

Below is a picture of how I would wear a floral dress nowadays. It’s definitely a little more hipster-y than the high school photo, and it fits my current personal style nicely.  For details on this outfit, click here.




It’s so neat to compare your old self, even if it’s just from a year ago, to who you are currently. And it’s not just fashion that changes over time, but hobbies and interests too. How have you changed since your high school days? Let me know in the comments!


dress well. eat well. live well.



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