Meet the Blogger

Name: Addie

Age: 24

Birthday: September 28

Sun Sign: Libra

Career Goal: Personal Stylist

Personal Style: Bohemian Chic // Hipster

Current Fashion Inspo: Vanessa Hudgens

Would Be Most Excited To Meet: Tim Gunn // Heidi Klum // Michael Kors

Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve: When Clothes [Obviously] Don’t Fit

Favorite Fashion Designer: Coco Chanel

Favorite Designer Brand: Louis Vuitton

Favorite Clothing Color to Wear: Red // Pink // Black

Favorite Spring 2019 Trend: Snakeskin

Favorite Retail Store: Urban Outfitters

Favorite Clothing Item: Crop Tops/High Waisted Shorts and Jeans

Favorite Accessory: Sunglasses

Favorite Pattern: Snakeskin // Bohemian

Favorite Beauty Product: Lipstick

Least Favorite Trend: Denim-on-Denim

Fashion Fun Fact: Addie realized she wanted to be a personal fashion stylist while watching an episode of What Not to Wear on TLC



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