Trends // tie dye is making a comeback


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NYE // beauty post of the month

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NYE // five fun dresses for your new year’s eve plans

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Style // two ways to style a tie front top

Hey Babes!

Tie front tops have been in for awhile now, but how do you style them?

First, let’s talk about what you can wear under a tie front top. You can wear a tank top, crop top, or, if you’re feeling gutsy, nothing! Tie front are great for any occasion, and here are a couple of ways to style them.

Jeans + Boots

One way to style a tie front top is with a classic pair of blue jeans and a nice pair of boots. Boots are always a staple for fall fashion, and why wouldn’t they look good with a tie front top? I paired my mustard tie front top from Forema with a pair of blue jeans from Belk and a pair of brown booties from Charlotte Russe. I think riding boots would look really good with this look too, but I couldn’t find my pair. Under my tie front top, I chose to wear a white cami from Forever 21. This is a great fall look, but if it’s a little plain for you, you can try adding a gold necklace.















Button Down Skirt + Hat

Another way to style a wrap top is with a button down skirt and a hat, and you can even add knee high socks if the weather is cold. I paired the same mustard wrap top from above with a garnet button down skirt from Forema, and my black floppy hat from Urban Outfitters. I love the way all the colors go together in this look, and I think this one of my new favorite fall looks. Under this wrap top, I’m wearing a black cropped tee from Target. I chose to change out the white tank top because the black shirt matches my hat.


















I hope this post gives you some inspiration on how to style a tie front top you may have sitting in your closet! As always, leave your feedback in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@x.stylebabe.x) and check out my new YouTube channel.


Thanks Babes!

dress well. eat well. live well.



Announcement // my new youtube channel

Hey Babes!



I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that this post isn’t anything but an announcement (as the title says), but the good news is that what I’m announcing is my new YouTube channel! Don’t worry, this blog won’t be going anywhere, but I will be uploading to my Style Babe YouTube channel once a week as well as this site, so I would love if you guys would head over to my channel, watch my first video, and give me some feedback. I think the focus of this channel is going to be mainly beauty, so if you love makeup as much as you love fashion, please subscribe!

The link to my first video is here.


Thanks Babes!


dress well. eat well. live well.